How to Do Scripting To Manifest Your Goals

Manifestation works on the principle that our brain attracts similar vibrations and experiences in our life based on our perception of reality .
Every person has a lot of subconscious beliefs which are shaped by several factors like the country or the family he is born into, his education and social background and the other beliefs like his strengths and weaknesses. Hence common beliefs like
“I cant be a millionaire”
“My Body is not very athletic or strong”
“I am not worthy of ____ “
“I am not beautiful or handsome”
“I can only earn _____”
“I cannot give time to my family if I have to grow in my career”
“I tend to get into toxic relationships”
“People tend to cheat me”
“I cannot be an entrepreneur”
actually create your reality.
These are the limitations and beliefs that we set upon ourselves by our perception of reality.
Manifestation or the law of attraction works on the principle that when these beliefs are changed, we can truly manifest anything in our lives.
Hence for example , to manifest a goal of buying a house, we need to put ourselves into the shoes of having already bought the house and feel yourself from that vibration.
So, an affirmation like
” Its been a month since I moved to this house. I finally bought my dream house. My wife is cooking in her remodeled kitchen. We have a garden setup in front of our house and the neighbors are so friendly . I am more happy and confident now and feel successful after having moved to my new house. I thank the universe for giving me such a wonderful gift” 
will actually help you manifest your goal of buying a house.
In this way, once you have set yourself into the vibration of having achieved your goal, the universe will actually conspire to manifest that goal for you.
Things to Remember when you manifest:
  1. You should not have any doubts or think logically about how the goal will manifest.
  2. You believe truly that you have manifested your goal and experience yourself as if you have already manifested your goal
  3. You trust that the universe will take care of manifesting your goals
  4. You can do the affirmations/scripting as soon as you get up or before you sleep as the brain is more relaxed and in a receptive state during this time.
Manifestation charts
Once you have set the goal you need to manifest , , you also need to also take physical action to push you towards your goal.
Physical Action + Emotional Trust + Mental Affirmations + Letting Go ->> MANIFESTATION OF GOALS
EXAMPLE -> GOAL :Buying a house
Mental Affirmations
Things that are not in my control
No expectations on this goal
Plan your Finances, Start looking for prospective homes
I am grateful that I bought this house on a good offer
I feel grateful for all all the wonderful neighbors and new friends and the new promotion I received after coming to this house.
I trust that the finances for investment be worked out in proper time and I get a good offer for my dream house.
Even though this goal does not manifest, “I trust that everything happens for a reason and that I am entitled to something better”.
In this way, you can draw a chart for your goals and take action on several levels to manifest your goals faster.
Scripting is a systematic journaling method to help you manifest your goals based on the law of attraction. Whatever you are trying to manifest , all you need to do is just start writing your experiences from the position of having reached your goal . This , when done over a period of time can help you manifest your goals. The concept is actually quite simple. Each day you write , you make your perception of your goal stronger, and you will actually attract it into reality. If you truly trust the process and keep at it daily, you will be surprised to see the results. 
If you would like to see results for yourself , start today.
All you need is a scripting journal (used only for this purpose) and a pen. Make it a daily ritual. Set some time aside for it . Having a beautiful designer journal/diary would also make you feel good when writing, and this increases your chances to manifest faster.
There are many scripting journals available .
This one is particularly my favorite scripting journal.
This is a 90 day maniscripting journal that has been tailored specially for manifestation and several sections made for you. Just follow through and fill in each section and the journal itself takes you through the process of manifestation.

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Watch This video by Samantha Kozuch , the creator of “The Maniscripting Journal” on how to manifest anything in life. 

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