This is Divya who is a software engineer by training. After a short stint in the software industry, I felt this this great inner pull to try out other things for my career. My inner search had kindled my interest in spiritual truths over the years . Over time, I have explored about yogic sciences, Bhav/Devotional Path to God, Pranic Healing and Theosophical learnings and Meditations.

This blog has now been started with a vision of educating and sharing about these inner spiritual teachings in a simple way.

We conduct sessions related to spirituality, meditations, yoga and other related topics. If you are a  teacher/trainer in related fields like yoga/energy healing/wellness/spirituality , you can contact us at mailsubtlebodies@gmail.com to conduct sessions.

If you would like to contribute through articles on our site, do write to us through this link.

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