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Energy Healing is one of the alternative healing methodologies where we heal the energy body to subsequently heal your physical body.

Know the nature of the universe by knowing about yourself.

Dive into the metaphysical realm now and quench your thirst for spirituality

" To understand life is to understand ourselves and that is both the beginning and end of education "
Jiddu Krishnamurti

Our Services

We aim to bring spirituality to the common man with articles on spirituality ,esoteric and metaphysical studies.

We also conduct regular forgiveness sessions and one to one pranic healing sessions.

One to One Healing Sessions

We offer one to one pranic healing sessions for physical and psychological ailments.

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Forgiveness Sessions

We conduct weekly forgiveness sessions to help us forgive ourselves and others to release our past .

This releases a lot of your patterns and helps you transform into the best version of yourself

Digital Marketing Services

We also offer digital Marketing Services to help other energy healers, yoga practitioners and organic product startups to grow their business through digital marketing

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About Us

TheSubtleBodies was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of bringing spirituality and Energy Healing to the common man. 

Our vision is to simplify the theosophical and metaphysical teachings for easier application in our daily life 

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