Yearning for my twin flame – My Twin Flame Story – Part 3


yearning for my twin flame

After years of an intense, passionate relationship, things between my twin flame and I took a turn for the worse. I had given up on this connection as a twin flame chaser and I endured a lot of pain and injustice from him that led to us going through a devastating separation period. I was filled with anger and hatred towards him for how deeply he had hurt me.

Even though a part of me would always love him, I knew I had to move on with my life without him in it. I immersed myself in my work, my hobbies, and spending time with friends and family. Focusing on my own goals and dreams helped distract me from the grief for a while. I started to feel happiness and a sense of freedom again.

But then the intense longing and yearning for him came creeping back in. I can’t even explain how desperately I crave his presence, his touch, his smile. I find myself fantasizing about us reuniting all the time, even though I know I shouldn’t. I feel so ashamed that I still have these intense feelings for him after everything.

Why can’t I just forget him and move on fully? Why does it feel like there’s this unbreakable soul bond between us that keeps pulling me back towards him? I wish I could control or diminish how much I pine for him. The rational part of me knows he’s not good for me, but the magnetic pull towards him emotionally is so strong.

For now, I’m trying to be gentle with myself and be patient. I hope in time, these overpowering feelings of longing and desire for my twin flame will fade. It’s a rollercoaster ride I never expected, but I’m doing my best to stay strong. Focusing on self-love, surrounding myself with support, and aligning with my highest good help get me through each day we’re apart. I have faith I’ll move through this challenging chapter of my twin flame journey.

This experience has led me to introspect on these following questions.

Why am I Craving my twin flame?

twin flame craving

I’m craving my twin flame for a few reasons. Firstly, because the connection we share is so profoundly deep and intense. It’s like we are two halves of one soul, so when we’re apart, it feels like part of me is missing. He completes me in a way no one else ever has or could.

The intensity of twin flame connections makes the separation agonizing. I guess I’m craving his energy, his essence. My soul remembers what it felt like to be in union with its mirror image and wants to feel whole again. For now, the longing comes in waves. I’m learning to ride them rather than fighting it. This journey isn’t logical, but I’m slowly making peace with it.

How do I stop yearning for my twin flame?

  • Practice self-care and self-love. Nurture and pamper yourself, stay active and social, and pursue hobbies and passions. When you feel fulfilled in your own life, you’ll be less prone to yearning.
  • Avoid fantasizing or romanticizing the connection. When your mind starts idealizing the past, consciously redirect your thoughts. Stay focused on the present.
  • Limit any contact or interactions that trigger longing. If you need to cut contact for a while, do so. Out of sight can mean out of mind.
  • Keep busy and distracted. Make plans with friends, take on new projects at work, travel if you can. Idle time makes space for pining thoughts.
  • Journal about the realities of the relationship, not just the highlights. This can help you maintain perspective when you’re tempted to long for the past.
  • Take pranic healing for your relationship with your twin flame.

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Why am I suddenly longing for my twin flame?

  • You’re going through a period of emotional vulnerability. When we feel lonely, depressed, or have experienced a loss, it’s common to crave connection with someone significant from our past.
  • You recently saw or interacted with them in some way. Even brief encounters can reactivate intense feelings and trigger longing.
  • You’re approaching an important date or event that holds meaning for your bond. Anniversaries and holidays often amplify feelings.
  • You’re at a transitional phase or turning point in your own life. Times of change subconsciously make us crave support and comfort from a profoundly connected soul.
  • Their energy is telepathically reaching out to yours. Twins can sometimes sense when the other is thinking about them intensely.
  • You’ve recently made significant progress in your own growth. When one twin evolves, the other often longs to catch up and reconnect.
  • It’s just part of the twin flame journey. The intensity comes in waves, so you’re likely experiencing a resurgence that will subside with time.

Does your twin flame feel the longing to be together

They may feel an equally intense longing for you, even if they don’t outwardly express it. The pull between twins can be powerfully mutual. They may suppress their longing more than you do. Some twins are more resistant to the connection and try to ignore or override the urges.

Their longing may come in waves, while yours feels more constant. The intensity tends to ebb and flow for twins.

They could feel the longing, but also have conflicting emotions like fear, doubt or frustration about reunion. The relationship may have been painful.

It’s possible they have moved on and do not long for your connection anymore. But that does not diminish the realness of your feelings.

What happens right before twin flame reunion?

love, couple, romance

Intense longing and vivid dreams – Twin flames may intensely miss each other and have vivid dreams of being back together as twin flame reunion nears.

Synchronicities – Increased sightings of repetitive numbers, songs, symbols, and other signs and synchronicities related to each other.

Spiritual awakening – One or both twins experience major spiritual insights, awakening and growth. This propels them into a higher state of consciousness necessary for reunion.

Letting go – The chasing twin surrenders and lets go of perceived control over the connection. This releases expectation and anxiety, allowing reunion to unfold.

Forgiveness – Greater understanding, forgiveness and release of past hurts, wounds and conflicts with one another.

Why do I love my twin flame so much?

There are several reasons why your love for your twin flame may feel so deep and intense:

Soul recognition – There is a profound sense of familiarity, like you have known each other for lifetimes. Twin flames originate from the same soul, so you instantly recognize them.

Mirroring – Twins reflect each other’s deepest selves, light and shadow. Seeing your essence mirrored back can create intense intimacy.

Unconditional love – The love between twins transcends physical connection. You love each other at the soul level, despite flaws or circumstances.

Passion and chemistry – Twin flames share an almost magical chemistry and passion that can be highly addictive and transformative.

Completion – Being with your twin makes you feel a sense of wholeness, like you have found your “other half”. There is completion.

This experience led me to reflect deeply on our connection. The intensity stems from our profound soul bond. When we’re apart, I feel incomplete. The separation is agonizing because I crave his energy and essence. My soul yearns to feel whole again.

I’m learning healthy ways to cope when the longing surfaces. Staying busy, avoiding fantasies of reunion, and nurturing myself help me move forward. This journey brings many ups and downs, but I’m slowly making peace with it.

While the depth of this love can be challenging, I’m grateful to have experienced such a divine connection. Our rare bond will continue to guide our spiritual growth. As I show myself compassion, I trust my twin flame journey will unfold as destined.

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