How to see Nature Spirits

Nature Spirits are an inherent part of nature just as we are. 

Nature Spirits are a class of beings whose primary function is to help with the growth and nurturing of the life source energy in the various elements of nature like trees, flowers, waterfalls etc., 

Why then don’t we see them around us?
This is because we function in the physical realm. However the nature spirits function primarily in the astral realm. They have an permanent astral body and a temporary etheric body and their consciousness is at the astral level . This is the reason they are not visible to us but of course a clairvoyant or a person with inner sight would be able to see them.
The nature spirits are the transformers of life, taking the raw subtle energies coming from the higher worlds and stepping them down into forms that can be used by the subtle bodies of physical entities, mainly plants and animals.
In fact , it is more easier to get in contact with nature spirits than angels because nature spirits have a similar vibration to us. They also have an ego like us and can understand us better. However , angels vibrate at a much higher frequency and hence we need to raise our vibration if we need to connect with angels.
Connecting with Nature Spirits

There have been numerous instances of people who have seen nature spirits and connected with them. As nature spirits are connected with nature, they are willing to open up to people who want to preserve nature and in general to people with good intentions.

They scan us energetically and know who we are before we can meet them. So, the more we raise our vibration , the more chances we have of connecting with nature spirits .
The first thing to be done if we want to connect with nature spirits is that we need to spend more time in nature. Increasingly, people today have become more technology-oriented that the time we spend with nature is very less.
Reawakening our connection with nature spirits is even more important today as we need to work with them to restore the harmony and equilibrium of mother Earth. Working with them will also make us kinder as we realize that we are just a part of the whole and that we need to peacefully co-exist.
How to see Nature Spirits
  1. Be Present and grounded – Start by spending more time in nature. You can also set the intention by visiting a particular place in nature and expressing your intention to see them. IF you cant do that, you can spend more time with your house plants and speak to them telling you care for them and express your wish to connect with their plant spirits. In order to raise your vibration, you can also meditate with your plants and ground yourself by imagining a cord of light connecting from the soles of your feet deep into mother earth.
  2. Be Playful – Nature Spirits have a playful nature and awaken the inner child in you. Hence you need to relax yourself and connect with them in a happy mindset. Avoid getting too stressed of trying to connect with them as this may prevent the connection being made.
  3. Be Respectful – Nature Spirits are respectful and expect the same from us.
  4. Listen to your heart – Release your expectations and listen to your inner guidance in helping to connect with them. Trust the process and let it go. The nature spirits would appear to us the way we see them in our mind. Regularity is the key and spend more time with nature and show them you care for nature.
Different Kinds Of Nature Spirits
There are primarily 5 different classes of nature spirits.
  1. Earth elementals or nature spirits – Gnomes , Fairies , Tree Manikins and woodland nymphs fall under this category. They can help us in manifesting materiality, finances and in grounding. They teach us to bring out the inner child in us and to be playful
  2. Air Elementals or Sylphs – This class of elementals can help us clear our belief systems that don’t serve us anymore, hence opening up our minds to more guidance. These elementals work well with fire elementals.
  3. Water elementals – These elementals help us open our hearts and to heal our emotions. They are primarily relationship experts and you can work with them if you need to improve your relationships and regulate your emotions. Mermaids , undines , nymphs and sprites fall under this category.
  4. Fire Elementals – These elementals represent the divine masculine energy and help us to take action to achieve our dreams. They can also help with improving one’s physical health. Dragons and Salamanders fall under this category.
  5. Spirit elementals – These elementals help us realize our soul purpose and are connected with helping us exploring our divine nature. Unicorns fall under this category.
Sightings of Nature Spirits
Commonly referred to as “Huldufolk” , these are the elves of Iceland who live there in enchanted rocks and caves and live a similar life to that of humans. They are mostly invisible , however they make themselves visible on special occasions like that of New Year’s Eve.
In fact , as per a poll in Iceland , almost 60% of Icelanders believe in the existence of elves and there are marked territories where it is believed that elves exist and these habitats are in general not disturbed by the Icelanders. In the city of Reykjavik in Iceland, there is a protruding rock which is believed to be elf territory . There are still roads in Iceland that are built around elf territory without disturbing them as there have been numerous incidents of accidents and mishaps occurring when their territory had been disturbed . So co-existence is the norm in Iceland and there has been a general acceptance of elfish existence there.
As Mother earth and Gaia is ascending to 5th dimension, the possibilities of more and more people connecting with nature spirits is also increasing. If you have been motivated to explore more on this topic , you can read the book – “Kingdom of Gods” by Geoffrey Hodson and books by several other authors.
More in detail about the different kinds of nature spirits coming up in my next blog.

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