10 Best Books On Spirituality To Raise Your Consciousness

Do you have several unanswered questions about life.
Have you ever wondered where the soul goes after death or just want to know what exactly is the soul.
Ever thought about why good people suffer and how exactly does karma work?
If you want to find the answers to these questions and many more, these 10 books on spirituality/theosophy will help you on the path to your quest of the self.
I have always been a seeker since childhood – A seeker of knowledge. I always wondered about the origin of the universe and about how karma actually works and have always sought this information. I believe that, it is this inner quest in my life which has led me to these ten books on theosophy/spirituality, which have rather changed my perspective of life. I closely cherish each of these 10 books to my heart and feel grateful for having this opportunity to have read these books in my lifetime.
These are the books which I have chanced upon on my personal journey and I am sure you would also cherish these books just as I have.
BOOK1 –  A Soul’s Journey by Peter Richelieu
If there is only one book that you can read in your lifetime, then this is the book that you should read. In this book’s opening , the author is grieving the death of his brother during World War 2. Then, a mysterious person called Acharya turns up and starts explaining to the author about life, death and all the mysteries of the universe. The most amazing aspect of the book is that the author is taken on a journey to each of these seven astral planes  and the mental planes by this Acharya and the beauty and mystery of these planes are wonderfully accounted in this book . This will definitely be one of those books that you will not be able to put down.
The path of evolution of man from a tiny organism, how the law of karma works, where we go during sleep and after death , the conditions of the astral and mental planes and how they look, have all been generously shared in this book . This book would give you knowledge that you would usually not get even after reading several spiritual books. Don’t miss out this book and check out this book by clicking on the image.
BOOK 2 – You can heal your life by Louise Hay
This is one of the self-help handbooks that you can have as a daily bedtime read.  This book talks about all the self limiting patterns and beliefs that limit our life and gives you food for thought along with exercises to work upon. It talks about several important concepts like self criticism, guilt , inner child patterns in your subconscious , forgiveness , prosperity, visualization and affirmations. A separate chapter has also been dedicated to daily routine and how to form a routine to incorporate these practices in your life.
The best part of the book is however the chapter that deals with the subconscious pattern behind diseases and the affirmation for the right thought patterns to heal these diseases. This is must-have book for all energy healers, physiotherapists and health practitioners to understand the deeper meaning of our health and to help heal them on a deeper level.
BOOK3 – A Textbook on Theosophy by C.W Leadbeater
This is one of the best books to get started on theosophy. IF you want to know about evolution, the origin of the universe and the different planes of existence, this is the book to start with.  Also , this is the book you start with to better understand the other books on theosophy like “The Astral Body and other astral phenomena” and “The Mental Body“.  The formation of the solar system , the evolution of all forms of life , death and reincarnation are the other topics discussed in the book from a theosophical point of view.
BOOK4 –  The Astral body and other Astral phenomena by A.E Powell
The Astral body is one of the subtle bodies of man and the astral body is a vehicle for man’s emotions. To understand about the different bodies that man has, click here. This book describes the astral body in detail along with the colours generated when each of the emotions are experienced. What are thought forms and how they influence the astral body, what happens to the astral body during dreams and sleep is also explained in detail. This book instills upon the reader the importance of refining your emotions and thoughts for the development of the astral body and what can be achieved when the consciousness of the astral body is raised. You get to know about the astral entities in the astral plane and what clairvoyance actually means from the purview of a psychic. The last chapter also introduces readers to the concept of invisible helpers and discipleship and what is the journey ahead to be undertaken by the aspiring student.
BOOK5 – The Mental Body
This is a deeper book on theosophy which talks about the mental body – The vehicle for man’s thoughts. At the current point of evolution, man’s mental body is yet very undeveloped. This book talks about the constitution of the mental body through which man expresses his thoughts and the interconnection between the different bodies. The mechanism behind how thoughts work, how we attract similar thoughts from the universe and the concept of thought waves are explained . This would help the reader gain a more profound understanding of how affirmations , visualization and manifestation work once he understands the basic principle of thought waves and thought transference.
How to engage in activities that develop the mental body and what benefits the growth of the mental body are also discussed. The effect of concentration , contemplation and meditation on the mental body are also discussed. The latter part of the book deals with discipleship, reincarnation and the higher devachanic planes and the akashic records.
BOOK6 – Eastern Body Western Mind By Anodea Judith
Anodea Judith is a bestselling author and chakra expert who has written several books on the same. In this book, she draws a correlation between the different personality types and the chakral condition. For example , she explains how a oral personality type would look like and also mentions their underlying fears and beliefs. She then deduces what chakral combination has caused this personality type. In the case of our oral personality, they have an excessive sex and heart chakra which makes them feel needy and dependent. She does this for each of the six personality types in her book and it is worth buying the book just for this correlation.
Apart from this , she goes deep into each chakra and gives a description of its characteristics, its natural childhood developmental patterns, traumas and abuses which would affect each chakra and how to heal each chakra.
Take a Chakral Quiz to understand which chakra person you are.
If you would like to map the personality of a person to their chakras and vice versa, this is the book to go for.
BOOK7 – The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
Whether it is spiritual development or development in any area of your life, developing habits is a vital point to your growth in your life. If you do not develop those habits to help you attain success, no amount of self-help books or philosophy can help you. This book talks about the subconscious pattern behind developing habits in individuals and in organizations and how a single habit or a policy change in the organization has a deep rippling effect across the entire organization and can be indeed used as an personal branding strategy.
This book tells you about how setting a goal for yourself can indeed change the pattern of your life and instil new habits easily. If you are the person struggling to get up early or form good habits, this is the book to look for which would definitely motivate you to master those habits.
BOOK8 – The Ancient science and art of Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui
This is an introduction to Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, the author of Modern Pranic Healing. It is an excellent book for people interested in the science of energy healing and how it works. You can also read this book and start practicing pranic healing immediately. The mechanism and the art behind how pranic healing works along with several protocols for diseases like cold, Asthma, arthritis, body pain , headaches etc., are given in the book, which the reader can apply immediately and start getting results. This book is also given as part of the course BASIC PRANIC HEALING which is a hands-on 2 days practical course where you are guided through the techniques by senior pranic healing practitioners.
You can register for this course here.
BOOK9 – Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahamsa Yogananda
This is one of the books which I had read in the initial days of my spiritual journey and which opened up several doors to my learning experience . In this book, we are taken through the entire life of Yogananda himself. We are taken through the author’s early interest in reading the Bhagavad Gita , his perseverance in his spiritual journey, the trials and tribulations he underwent when he was tutoring with his guru and his early experiences that shaped him. We then read about wonderful encounters with other great saints and their yogic powers and an amazing anecdote about his meeting with Yukteshwarji (his guru) after his death . His guru then enlightens the author about the workings of the astral plane and his role there after his death. The wonders of the kumbha mela and the depictions of the saints make us yearn to visit these sages at least once in our life. Also, the meeting of the author with the great sage Babaji himself is told in a wonderful way and the whole book itself is a spiritual treat for the aspirant and definitely a good book to have in your list.
BOOK10 – The Hidden side of things by C.W Leadbeater
This is a book written from a clairvoyant’s point of view. How does our world look like to a clairvoyant are explored in detail in this book . This would change your consciousness in ways when you understand the deeper meaning of things from a clairvoyant’s view . The author explains about varied things like how different places like mountains , lakes, graveyards , churches etc. look to a clairvoyant. How we are influenced by planets, the sun, our natural surroundings , by nature spirits, by sounds etc., are also dealt in detail in this book. If you always wanted to know how world looks like to a clairvoyant, this is the book to go for.
P.S : I thoroughly enjoyed writing this article which took me down my memory lane and I hope you enjoy these books. Click on the books to see the reviews of these books and start the quest for your self today.
If you are interested in a book review on any of these books in detail, do let us know in the comments section.

Which Chakra Person Are You – Take The Quiz


Did you know that your personality, choices, strengths and blocks can be determined to a large extent by reading your chakras?

We have 7 Major Chakras.

  1. Basic Chakra or Chakra of Action
  2. Sacral Chakra or creative chakra
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra or the Achiever chakra
  4. Heart Chakra or the chakra of love
  5. Throat chakra or the chakra of communication
  6. Ajna chakra or the Intuitive chakra
  7. Crown chakra or the chakra of spirituality




However, it is to be noted here that an average person usually has more than two chakras from which they predominantly work.

Read on to know which other chakra you can relate to and let us know in the comments below.

Energy is always flowing and this is a known fact. It has been proven by quantum mechanics that energy is associated with all matter and is always in a constant motion even when matter is at rest.
Ancient teachings also suggest that we all have something called the energy body where energy is in constant motion and it flows through energy channels called nadis or meridians. Energy flow is vitally important. It dictates our health, happiness , emotional and spiritual well being etc. Hence by reading a person’s energy level , we can get to know how happy or healthy they actually are.
Then how do our chakras come into play?
Just like we have organs in our physical body, chakras are major points in the energy body where there is a large inflow and outflow of energy. These are basically like whirlpools of energy in our energy body. Hence , it suffices to say that by reading these chakras, we can actually read our energy level in the energy body. [Energy Body is one of the subtlebodies that we have. To know more about the other bodies we have, you can read this blog – What is an Aura ]
When any chakra in the etheric body has excess energy flowing through it, it is said to be overactive and when less energy flows through a chakra, it is underactive.  When just the right amount of energy flows through a chakra , it is said to be balanced and it is strong.
This is the reason that understanding the functions of each chakra and healing these chakras are important because by healing these major energy points, we can heal the energy body and subsequently the physical body.
Let us now understand what are the psychological functions associated with each chakra and how each chakra relates to our personality. In this blog we will discuss seven major chakras and how they influence our personality.

The Root Chakra sits at the base of your tailbone and is the center of your stability or protection . How safe you feel with your life is determined by this chakra. This chakra is where the masculine energy sits in your physical body. This chakra keeps you anchored in the physical dimension (i.e.) earth. Hence people with a strong basic chakra are able to manifest things in the physical world and are good with finances.  They work on their goals and get results. They are the action-takers. Hence , you need to have a strong root chakra to be successful.
They are also practical and grounded in reality and take decisions slowly but steadily. Persons with a strong basic chakra usually are confident , dynamic and are usually the people you trust to get the work done.
As this chakra is related to the body, people with a strong root chakra also love to exercise and take care of their body/fitness.
When you connect to the masculine energy of the root chakra, it can bring a deep sense of comfort and security to you and will direct you towards the best out come for your work and your life.
  • You feel anxious , dizzy and insecure
  • You do not have a job or proper finances
  • You tend to get tired often or are low in energy
  • You tend to procrastinate working on your projects or goals
  • You feel unable to make progress in life on personal and professional levels.
The Sacral chakra is located at the center of your lower abdomen and sits between the reproductive organs. It is the center of creativity or procreation. When you interact with a person having a strong sex chakra, they make it all about You. They make you feel special and develop the intimacy with you.  This chakra is related to the element of water and it deals with emotions. Hence people whose sex chakra are strong tend to flow into situations like water. They can adapt well, are flexible and are always open to explore new possibilities in their life.
The element of water also relates to emotions. Hence , these are people with a strong emotional connect and can deal well with emotions. These people are also sensual , fun loving people and love to do things that they enjoy or have a passion for. They also take good care of their physical and emotional needs and are people with a healthy self-esteem.
  • Tendency to blame yourselves or have guilt
  • Loss of interest in pursuing your art/passion
  • Low Sexual Drive / Intimacy issues
  • Not taking care of your needs
  • Loss of creativity/talent  for artists/singers/creators or anyone in a creative profession
  • Tendency to avoid strong emotions
The Solar Plexus chakra sits at the center of your body and is one of the major chakras for mankind’s evolution at this point of time. It is located at the center of your trunk (near the point of intersection of your lower ribs ).  Your Solar Plexus chakra is your powerhouse of energy and confidence and is associated with qualities like persistence , courage , dedication , hard work, inspiration etc., However , negative emotions like anger, jealousy etc. strongly affect this chakra and tend to put this chakra into imbalance.
Solar Plexus Chakra people are determined, goal-oriented , competitive and motivated people who are out to achieve success in life. They are bolder in their approach towards growth and empowerment.
On the other side, they can sometimes come across as selfish people as it is all about their personal growth. They also love competition and games to help achieve excellence.
People high on the corporate ladder, entrepreneurs and top CEO’s would usually have a strong SOLAR PLEXUS Chakra to help them make it to the top of the ladder.
The element of the Solar Plexus Chakra is fire and is related to the masculine energy that sits in your emotional body.
  • Feeling you cant succeed in life
  • Having major chronic ailments like depression, cancer , auto-immune disease, ashtma , addictive behaviors etc.,
  • Lacking the drive or motivation to pursue your goals
  • Excessive selfishness or arrogant behavior
  • Feeling powerless or misusing your power
  • Lack of emotional stability
  • low self esteem / weak will power / narrow minded
The Solar Plexus is the lower emotional center while your heart chakra is the higher emotional center. It is the storehouse of all higher emotions like love, sacrifice, patience , forgiveness , happiness and bliss. A person with a strong heart chakra loves to give to people and  is very caring and loving people. They usually have very good relationships with all people and go out of their way to help others. People who go out of their way to help others and are in the healing arts usually have  a strong heart chakra.
Developing your heart chakra is also important for people on the spiritual path as this chakra is also related to the crown chakra. This chakra connects to the feminine energy of your emotional body. This chakra along with the Solar Plexus chakra make up  your emotional body.  A strong heart chakra also help to balance self-love with love and consideration for others.
  • Feeling unable to forgive others or feel empathy
  • Major relationship issues
  • Shyness/ Loneliness
  • Depression / Anxiety
  • Victim Mentality or overly criticizing others
  • Having no personal boundaries
The Throat chakra is the center of communication and is associated with communication, truth and self -expression. When the throat chakra is balanced, a person is able to speak his personal truth with ease and is able to convey it in a right way. However, when a person cant express what is truly happening due to fear of someone’s rejection, conflict , misunderstanding etc., they block this chakra and it is difficult to open this chakra again. They are afraid they can’t handle the feeling of rejection, conflict, misunderstanding, or disharmony and avoid expression . In this case, it is better to acknowledge these feelings and express them , as then it becomes easier to handle.
            When in doubt, before communication we can ask ourselves these three questions
  • Whether what you are going to say it is true
  • Whether what you are going is kind
  • Whether what you are going to say is necessary
If you are not able to express something due to underlying fear or criticism, we can always express ourselves by writing in our journal, through art or some form of creative expression.
People with strong throat chakras are usually good inspirational speakers, singers, writers or anyone involved in the creative arts. They also like to innovate things and think outside the box. They also love their freedom so much. So they are mostly entrepreneurs or someone who manage their own work.  They want to change the world through their visions. They are visionaries . They are unafraid to be themselves and are confident enough to share their truth with everyone.
  • Overly Aggressive behavior
  • Excessive criticism/ Bad speech
  • Judgement/Prejudice
  • Unable to speak out/ Shyness
  • Loss of memory
  • Vertigo/ Confusion

Ajna chakra is the chakra located between the eyes. It is the chakra related to intuition , insight and imagination. The energy of the Ajna chakra helps us not only to see but to understand the inner and outer worlds. Spiritually, this chakra can lead to a higher level of consciousness and the realization that “All are One”. Ajna Chakra is also related to the will (like that of Solar Plexus chakra) but here Ajna denotes divine will. When a person decides from his Solar plexus chakra, he is influenced emotionally in his decisions, however a person with a strong Ajna chakra has the will power to do the right thing. The energy of Ajna chakra helps us to access our inner guidance that comes from the depths of our being.
It helps us in seeing and understanding the deeper meaning of the situations in our lives. This is where we not only see what is going on, but we also know what it means. This is where our sense of justice and our ethics originate.
When you have a strong Ajna Chakra, you are a fair person and may be even obsessed with justice and fairness. You might even have heard many people tell you that you will make a good judge. You are touched by beauty in all aspects. You are a good listener and you are not able to take sides because you can very well understand the perspective of both the sides. You also would make a good councilor.  You follow your intuition and may have psychic skills like clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.,
  • Lose concentration/focus often
  • Inability to make decisions
  • Memory Issues or Anxiety
  • Hallucinations or disconnect from reality

The Crown chakra is the highest chakra at the top f your head and has 1000 petals – hence the name Sahasrara. This chakra opens us to several levels of consciousness . When our crown chakra is activated, we feel spiritual oneness and love for all. The most effective way to open your crown chakra is through the heart chakra. Once your heart chakra opens by showing love for people around you, your crown chakra starts to open. Meditation , Prayer , Character Building etc., also opens up the crown chakra. As your crown chakra opens up more and more, there is more of divine energy to guide you through you life and fulfil your life’s purpose.
A Crown Chakra Person is a rare Personality. They are usually saints or someone who has dedicated their life to spiritual pursuits. They are non-judgmental and look at everyone the same way. They are always happy or in a blissful state .
They are drawn to color white and have a beautiful divine aura. They usually serve people their whole life. This could be in any way also through serving a nation as a leader, scientist etc., They are more dedicated and are willfully committed to their work. Gandhiji /Dalai Lama are some of the eminent personalities who are a crown chakra personality type.
  • Lack of faith in God
  • Unwillingness to open to other ideas
  • Feeling disconnected from the body or feeling ungrounded
P.S : Hope you enjoyed this blog about the different chakras. Did you  find out which of your chakras are STRONG and which chakras have BLOCKS. Do let us know in the comments below.