Why you should cleanse your home etherically

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. 

Just like we have an energy body, each and every object we use on a daily basis also has an energy field surrounding it.

We are all living in a sea of energy. There is energy in anything and everything. 

Places also have an energy field surrounding it . This energy field is made by the thoughts and emotions of people visiting the place.
What is the feeling you get when you enter a hospital or cemetery?
Is it different from the feel of other places say a mall or a beach or a temple. ?
Definitely YES !!!. We love to visit some places but tend to avoid certain other places.
For example, in a hospital , the predominant emotion is pain and suffering whereas in a temple, the predominant emotion would be devotion , spirituality and inner peace.
This energy field of a place can  affect us positively or negatively according to the place we visit.  This is the reason we are sometimes asked to avoid visiting certain places because they have a negative energy field. As per Indian tradition , people generally take bath after visiting a hospital, cemetery or hair salon as the energy field of these places affect us negatively. Similarly , it is advised to visit a temple or take a walk in nature ,  so that we get energized positively by these places.
This is also the reason we are asked to remove footwear outside a holy place so that we can absorb the spiritual energy of the place.
Now since we are aware that the energy field of  a place can affect a person, it would be highly beneficial for us if we could cleanse the energy of a place etherically. By doing this, we can actually increase the effectiveness of the activities being done in that place.
A home is a place where we usually experience all our emotions and thoughts. It is said that an average person usually has around 60,000 thoughts per day. Hence, all these emotions and thoughts affect the energy of the place. If we have felt anger or depression in our home on a regular basis, we tend to attract more such emotions in our home as per the law of attraction.
Hence, even if a person wants to raise his vibration, the energies present in the home will prevent him from doing so. In order to avoid this, etheric cleansing of a place is extremely important ,so that when the negative energies are removed, the repetitive negative behavior patterns can be removed and we can improve our life exponentially.
An etherically cleansed home can also have more peace , harmony , abundance and prosperity energies .
An etherically cleansed workplace can have the right energies of  increased productivity, more abundance , co-operative workers and can help in getting the right customers.
Different ways to etherically cleanse your home or office
Now that we have understood the importance of etherically cleansing a place, let us look at some of the basic ways to etherically clean a place.
  1. Play OM sound – The Sound ‘OM’ is a powerful syllable that has the effect of removing all the negative thoughts and emotions from your home. You can also play other devotional songs or bhajans which will also have a similar cleansing effect
  2. Salt Water – Salt has the effect of disintegrating the diseased energies from your home. In your daily mopping bucket, just include a handful of salt to etherically cleanse your ground. You can also include few drops of Gomutra (Cow Urine) for additional healing effect.
  3. Incense Sticks – Burn an incense stick and show it around all the rooms of your home. You can use Sandalwood or Lavender incense sticks for the purpose of cleansing your home. After showing the incense across all rooms, place the incense stick in the room which you feel needs more healing.
  4. Sunlight – Sunlight has an effect of burning the diseased energies . Hence the importance of good ventilation and sunlight is even more important from the purview of etheric cleansing of your home.
  5. Crystals – You can place crystals in your home and program it to remove all the negative emotions and thoughts from a place. You can specifically use a dark colored crystal for this purpose. Some crystals that can be used for this purpose are Black Tourmaline, Amethyst etc.,
  6. Homas or Pujas – Traditionally , pujas are also done when people enter a new home. This is the very purpose of housewarming ceremonies where the house is etherically cleansed through the different rituals. Alternatively , you can also conduct several more pujas, group satsangs or meditation sessions at your place which can increase the vibration of your home.
  7. Pictures or Quotes – Pictures in your place also attract similar energies. Hence pictures of Gods and gurus tend to raise the vibration of a place. Scenic pictures also bring a pleasant energy to the home . However, avoid pictures which make you feel in a negative way while looking at it.
Have you also experienced the energy of any particular place? If you have, please share your experiences in the comments below.

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