What Happens When The Twin Flame Chaser Gives Up?

Twin Flame Separation

If you are a twin flame chaser and reading this, you are already aware of the twin flame separation stages and the runner-chaser dynamic. 

When your twin flame starts running because of overwhelming emotions in the relationship, the chaser doesn’t seem to understand what is happening.

The chaser wants to help heal the relationship and keeps pursuing their twin flame to help understand what has gone wrong in their relationship. They utterly believe that they can mend the relationship and hence, keep approaching their twin flame with an intention of sorting things out.

But what they fail to understand is that their twin flame has started running and the best thing to be done in this situation is to give your twin flame some space and stop chasing.

This is a period of intense pain for the chaser who cannot withstand the pain of being away from their twin flame and don’t understand why this is happening.  They can sense that something is wrong with their partner but have no idea of the reason behind it. They may also get into a period of anxiety and depression because of being away from their twin flame.

At this stage, they are also be re-experiencing their childhood  trauma of abandonment and feel lost without their twin flame. This triggers a smaller dark night of the soul (DNOS) for some chasers. If you are experiencing something similar, just have faith that this phase will soon end and you will feel complete and whole again, with or without your twin flame.

If you want perspective on your twin flame journey from a fellow twin flame who has experienced twin flame separation, feel free to reach out here

What Happens When The Twin Flame Stops Chasing

After a long time of chasing their twin flame, the chaser undergoes a spiritual transformation and realizes it is not worth chasing their twin anymore.

This change in dynamic can be triggered by

  • A major life-changing situation
  • They realize there is no point forcing love and begin to surrender
  • They want to work on themselves first before healing the relationship
  • They have pushed the runner too far which makes them do something drastic to hurt them.

In my personal experience, I chased my twin flame for several months, which had pushed my twin flame to abandon me and betray my trust. 

This was a shocking revelation which pushed me to stop chasing and re-introspect on my life.

When the twin flame chaser stops chasing, they start doing work on connecting with themselves and removing their toxic patterns. 

The insane pull to connect with their twin flame is no longer there, and they start introspecting about the worth of being in the relationship.

As the chaser withdraws their energy to focus on their soul lessons, the runner feels the change in energy and is taken aback.

Even though they were running from you, a part of them still expected the chase and they feel abandoned by their partner.

This throws the runner twin flame into another emotional crisis because they miss being chased as before. Also, the runner starts wondering if the twin flame chaser is moving on from the connection.

The Twin Flame Chaser Becomes the New Runner

At this stage, the twin flame chaser becomes the new runner and start working on themselves. The twin flame runner energetically senses this and they can sometimes react with anger and resentment on their twin.

The runner is going through more confusion than before, along with guilt and shame for going through this horrible situation. Hence, as the better evolved partner, being patient with your partner is the best thing you can do at this stage.

The runner feels the void caused by the withdrawal of their partner and they sometimes get into toxic patterns like overeating, drinking too much alcohol, or staying outside a lot of time.

They may feel all alone in the world as their twin has abandoned them and feel that their life is not going anywhere. 

Sometimes, at this stage, the runner may become the new chaser and start chasing, though this is not always the case

Whatever happens, always remember that the runner has many issues to deal with and it is not about you. Have faith that the universe is unfolding the best for both of you to connect with your true selves.

Why Does a Twin Flame Choose To Run

At many stages during the twin flame separation, the runner-chaser dynamic changes and both the twin flames become the runner at some point.

But whoever is running, it is because they believe that all their issues would get sorted once their relationship with their twin flame ends.

But what they don’t realize is that they are running from their own fears and unresolved issues rather than from their twin.

If you are the twin that is currently running, understand that you are running from your trauma and unresolved issues and not from your chaser twin flame.

As your spiritual partner, the chaser twin flame just brings these issues to the core to help you heal and become wholesome once again.